February 8, 2009


I know it seems like I’m double-dipping on this one (both in the butterfly sense and in the Tip’o’the ‘At sense – so I guess I’m triple dipping), but I think this one bears mention.

I mean, come on. It looks like a butterfly! It tastes like a butterfly! It must be one. No, in truth, the four leaf clover weave is quite a bit different, both in execution and appearance, so I don’t feel bad. And the placement of the rocks is different.

If you pay close attention to my body of work, you might notice that six stones arranged in this way is kind of my hallmark. I hope that if zen gardens become a big thing world wide, that this arrangement is known as Six-Stone Girard style.

Then I’ll die happy.


On the Rocks

February 8, 2009


Crash! Thunder! Roar!

Behold the tumultuous madness of the waterfall!

I like exclamation points!

So, I don’t think this is the best or the last you’ll see of my attempts at waterfalls. I think the spray is a little wonky in places. And I think the stones need to be more logically positioned, and I think the top curves of the beginnings need to be better realized, but ultimately, yeah, I’m digging this for what it is.

I’ve always been a huge fan of waterfalls. Back in Hamilton, I used to bike up the mountain rail trail to a place called Albion Falls, and I used to picnic on a fat, flat stone (about the size of a large white van), and Simone (my gff) would wade around in the water of the falls, and I would yoga or tai chi my way into hippie heaven. One time, while we were up there, a young skimpy girl and a middle aged photographer were there for a photo shoot. It was amusing to watch the photographer try to direct the girl, shouting over the roar of the falls. But it broke my heart that she clearly had no idea how to act (artistically, I mean), and couldn’t even take basic physical direction.

Maybe she was just nervous. But as someone who’s been in theatre for over fifteen years, it’s hard for me to imagine stage fright.

Bottom line: it was the least sexy photo shoot I think I’ve ever seen. And she had a nice body. Keep that in mind next time you’re flipping through a Maxim.

(there’s that childish sun again…argh…I just can’t stop myself)

Year of the Ox

February 8, 2009


Happy belated year of the Ox! Incidentally, this is the year of the earth ox, so a tribute in sand seems apt, no?

I raked this one on the day of, but it took me a while to get it off the camera. It’s not a heart-stopping design, but I like the way the slight curve in the upperstroke makes it look like the understroke is bleeding into it.

For those of you following zodiac forecasts, the year of the Rat (which we thankfully just left behind) was to be a year of hardship and remorse (or so I’ve been told), but the here and now year of the earth ox is to be one of advancement and success. Certainly Obama seems to be an omen of good things to come.

But personally, I think the voodoo hoodoo doodads of the Chinese zodiac are already fast on their way to making my life better. I released my first solo album. I started this blog, and my deviant art sites, which lead to my getting an art show in Hamilton, and gosh durnit it’s raining outside. In February! In Ottawa!

Praise be to the benevolent gods of global warming! May they toast us all to roasted apple perfection.

Dragon Boat, Away

February 8, 2009


I really don’t like this one, I think it falls way short of the mark, and there’s so many errors in it that I’m downright ashamed of it.

Still, I figured that I rarely go to the trouble of photographing a design I’m unhappy with (usually I immediately rake them out and try again, or move on), so I thought this might be a nice chance to flesh out the range of quality I’m capable of. Or, in other words, I wanted to show you (if you think I’m a great artist) that most of the time it’s just patience and self-confidence that gets me through the worst of things. And not necessarily a lot of talent or insight or ability.

Feel free to flame me, or disagree with me on any of these points. You’d be doing me a favour.

I’m big into Japan, so I kind of wanted to do this one justice. Did I? Not in my opinion. Go Google a Dragon Boat and you’ll note that they don’t have big, wonky sails that the artist had to draw three times over. That’s just an example.

I promise I’ll do a better version of this later.

If I don’t…cane me.