The Flying Stars

May 18, 2011

Carrying on with my obsession with Feng Shui, this hear is a ba gua, sometimes called a pa gua. It’s a nine sector grid that fits over any room, floor, or plot of land that dictates where objects should be placed in Feng Shui terms.

The ba gua, in my opinion, is the lynch pin that holds together all the different schools of Feng Shui, be it compass, flying star, or Black Hat Sect. I belong to the latter school of thought, which doesn’t hold to the movement of numbers within the ba gua, the same way that Flying Star Feng Shui does.

In Flying Star there are two criss-crossing arrows and a straight line that moves through the middle. These shapes represent a movement of numbers that shifts ahead once every passing year. The initial number look like this:


That movement, if you start at nine and move around to the eight, represents how the ‘stars’ ‘fly’.

It was kinda hard to depict here, but you get the idea.


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