Saskatchewan Sunset

May 18, 2011

This could’ve been a picture of sunset in any remote, flat part of any country, like Nevada, for instance. Or parts of Northern Africa. But I decided to go with home country love.

I know it’s tacky (like, 9.5 on the tacky scale, with Love, Actually being about a 5.3) to say you like sunsets, but I really, really do. One of my favourite scenes in any movie is the part in The Education of Little Tree (0.5 on the tacky scale) where James Cromwell is perched atop the mountain with his family and he says, “Here she comes.” as they watch the sunrise and “There she goes.” as they watch the sunset. It’s just one of the most amazing natural phenomena that all humans get to enjoy. Maybe not people in prison so much. But most people.

I tried to go for a wild, abstract sky design, so that it didn’t remind too much of any one kind of cloud formation. I really want to bring to mind any and all of the most amazing sunsets you’ve ever loved.

My list is long.

(which is about a 4.7 on the tacky scale, just narrowly beating out The Majestic, which clocks in at 4.6 and a half)


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