May 18, 2011

My dad had a myocardial infarction recently (that’s a severe way of saying he suffered a mild heart attack), so this one resonates with me.

Note that I used all the stones in this one (minus the specialty stones). 13 usually gets a bad rap in western culture, but in Jewish culture (which I’m not a part of, except in the way that I’m dating a Jew) it’s the number of life.

It’s funny how certain symbols get wildly polarized meanings in different cultures.

Like how in eastern myth, the dragon is seen as a friend, an embodiment of all the animals in the kingdom of nature. And how in western myth, the dragon is seen as everything that needs slaying, vanquishing, overcoming. That’s always struck me as an apt metaphor for our culture. Western culture.

Except the dragon is mother earth, and the knight’s sword is a smokestack.

ps. this design? freakin’ hard to pull off. all those curves and overlapping lines…


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