Phoenix, Tezuka-Style

May 18, 2011

Anyone familiar with Osamu Tezuka’s work (Astro Boy, Buddha, Ode To Kirihito) should be aware of his Phoenix saga, said to be his most popular and influential work. In the 13 volumes he managed to finish before death, the story of the everlasting-life-granting fire bird ranged from the dawn of history to its end and was to weave its way, book by book, back to a fixed centre point, at which point the audience would realize that the story was actually all in the same universe. And that the characters were all related.

In Japan today there are still statues of Tezuka’s phoenix around major cities, it’s that beloved.

Consequently, or maybe I mean to say coincidentally, the above garden is one of my personal favourites that I’ve ever produced.


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