Microchip Tattoo

May 18, 2011

After the inevitable apocalypse I wonder what animals and whatever other lifeforms come to earth will think of human civilization.

It occurred to me that if a bird or an alien (with some kind of advanced intellect) was to look down on our manufactured landscapes they would think that we had tattooed our land in the fashion of a microchip. Utilitarian, functional, unimaginative.

I am, of course, referring to North America.

Plus, I just think complex highway structures are kind of amazing. I mean, I hate driving in all its forms. But there are aspects of the driving culture I find interesting. I really like the old model cars, like from the 20s.

I hate to think of all the cars and trucks and jeeps and bikes (motor, not cycle) on the road at any given time of day. But I love roads themselves. The curve of them, the arrangement of them. How they divide, and join.

How they stretch on and on. Are named and then renamed. How they point the way and lose the way.

I’m generally a pretty conflicted person.


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