Hours Grow Long

May 18, 2011

I’m becoming a big fan of the stones in circle formation. I meant to mention in Saskatchewan Sunset that the stones around the sun really reminded me of the sort of designs (white in black stone) that you sometimes see in hippie stores like Ten Thousand Villages or Harmony (I’m sure you have such a store in your town, or nearby…you know, the one that sells incense, and wooden clackers shaped like a monk’s hands, and ten-foot tall carvings that resemble the Morlocks from The Time Machine).

It’s kind of an African sort of style but it calls to mind something innate, something ingrown, something instinctual. Something animal. Maybe it’s the collective unconsciousness memory of animals striking out at us in nature, with their mouths hung wide, and the teeth flung to bury into flesh, appearing as a ring of stones.

You have to admit, if there is such a thing as collective unconsciousness, out of the billions of ghosts there would be in our past, that’s got to be a lot of death by animal bite floating around in our psyche. It’s a testament to cancer’s brutality that it’s managed a spot in the top ten ways to die.

Personally I’d rather get cancer than drown to death. Fear of the deep abyss…I don’t know. Cthulu stalks my nightmares.

To get back to the image, though: I chose to make the stones representing the hours grow larger with each hour, but I couldn’t decide if 12 should be the largest, or 11. It seems to me that 12 is really the start of the day, or midday. So that’s more the reset point. By the time it gets to be one o’clock I always feel as if we’re well into the second half of the day. But at the same time, 12 feels like the most important number, and therefore the biggest. So I went with that.


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