May 18, 2011

…which, if you think about it, is a pretty gross name for a dog.

I thought this one bore more than a passing resemblance to Inspector Gadget’s genius sidekick dog, Brain. You could argue that it looks like a lot of generic dogs. But I like my designs to have a pop culture tie-in if possible.

Sue me.

Who was your favourite character from that show? I think I had a child crush on Penny. My Dr. Claw impersonation continues to bedazzle whoever I’m not too embarrassed to do it in front of. I always envied Gadget for his multitude of sweet, robotic abilities.

But one thing I never got was how could he be so hollow inside (like, hollow enough to fit all the gadgets and whatnot) and still be human? Or was he not human? But then, didn’t Penny used to call him uncle? Or was there some screwed up family dynamic going on there?

I know the live action movie tried to give reason to the rhyme, but I think that really screwed it up. And showing Dr. Claw? What’s the point?


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