Autumn Weaves

May 18, 2011

Just another boring weave, in the Six-Stone Girard style.

But I like ’em.

I almost feel like this pattern could be the logo for some IT company. With the initials AV. Awesome Videlectrics? Amazing Videonomics? Axe-Picks and Velociraptors? Incorporated?

The commercial would go something like:

“Oh, Honey, we’re out of axe-picks.”

“Gee, that’s funny, Mabel, I don’t remember asking you to speak.”

“It’s just that, well, they’re the best defense against the Johnson’s velociraptor, and, gosh, I don’t know how many more kids I can pump out of these hips.”

“At least five, if I’ve done my math right.”

“Please, Honey, say you’ll pick up an AV axe-pick tomorrow…”

“Well, first you think about bleaching your eyebrows platinum blonde, then we’ll talk.”

“Oh, Honey, you’re the greatest.”

Announcer: “AV brand axe-picks and velociraptors. Generating business…for ourselves.”


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