Year of the Ox

February 8, 2009


Happy belated year of the Ox! Incidentally, this is the year of the earth ox, so a tribute in sand seems apt, no?

I raked this one on the day of, but it took me a while to get it off the camera. It’s not a heart-stopping design, but I like the way the slight curve in the upperstroke makes it look like the understroke is bleeding into it.

For those of you following zodiac forecasts, the year of the Rat (which we thankfully just left behind) was to be a year of hardship and remorse (or so I’ve been told), but the here and now year of the earth ox is to be one of advancement and success. Certainly Obama seems to be an omen of good things to come.

But personally, I think the voodoo hoodoo doodads of the Chinese zodiac are already fast on their way to making my life better. I released my first solo album. I started this blog, and my deviant art sites, which lead to my getting an art show in Hamilton, and gosh durnit it’s raining outside. In February! In Ottawa!

Praise be to the benevolent gods of global warming! May they toast us all to roasted apple perfection.


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