The Long and Winding Road

February 8, 2009


Another incense-esque selection. What do you want from me? I watch incense burn for six to seven hours a day. Of course it’s going to have an effect on me.

Some lady was in the store recently and was like, “Did you know incense causes cancer?” She’s whispering to her friend like it’s not a tiny, tiny store.

And I’m like, “You know what else causes cancer? Sunshine and baby’s smiles.”

Well, I guess sunshine really does cause cancer. But you get my point, right? Nowadays if you claim something causes cancer, people just won’t go near it anymore until they’ve done the appropriate research, “Just to be safe.” Which they probably will never do because who has the time? Subscribe to the cancer newsletter if you really care, and get the facts straight up. Otherwise, why speculate?

Anywho, I like to imagine this picture is of a curvy mountain road, which, I’m told, are the best for motorcycling. And, once again, “The Long And Winding Road” was another of my dad’s favourite go-tos for morning whistling. I’m a creature of my environment.


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