Dragon Boat, Away

February 8, 2009


I really don’t like this one, I think it falls way short of the mark, and there’s so many errors in it that I’m downright ashamed of it.

Still, I figured that I rarely go to the trouble of photographing a design I’m unhappy with (usually I immediately rake them out and try again, or move on), so I thought this might be a nice chance to flesh out the range of quality I’m capable of. Or, in other words, I wanted to show you (if you think I’m a great artist) that most of the time it’s just patience and self-confidence that gets me through the worst of things. And not necessarily a lot of talent or insight or ability.

Feel free to flame me, or disagree with me on any of these points. You’d be doing me a favour.

I’m big into Japan, so I kind of wanted to do this one justice. Did I? Not in my opinion. Go Google a Dragon Boat and you’ll note that they don’t have big, wonky sails that the artist had to draw three times over. That’s just an example.

I promise I’ll do a better version of this later.

If I don’t…cane me.


2 Responses to “Dragon Boat, Away”

  1. If you don’t google, and you don’t really “know” what it is suppossed to be, (or in other words ruin it) it is lovely and has a wonderful line and flow. I like it. But I didn’t google either.


    • Well, thank you. I can’t overcome my misgivings, but it helps to have encouragment, so thank you. Stay tuned for whatever dragon boat outdoes this one. That’ll be the one to see.

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