Elementary Cycle Pt. 5: Bam! Poker In the Eye!

January 25, 2009


I struggled for a long time on metal. There’s about seven prototypes you’ll probably never see due to their boredom quotient. The problem is that raw metal is hard to portray in sand. And even harder to find a place for the stones. Believe me. One attempt that I think came closest will appear here later under the title, Farmhouses. 

Anyway, this attempt (which I wasn’t totally sold on, but Simone loved) is based on a Google image search I found (and can’t re-find) of a bunch of pokers fresh from the oven, red-hot and scattered about in a pile. So I like to think that this is actually a depiction of a bunch of metal tools, like kitchen utensils, hanging on a bunch of hooks. But maybe not, maybe it’s a bunch of metallic wizard staffs, at the prime and ready for the fray.

I almost betrayed this series, ending with a design in the smaller tray. But I stuck with the biggie, so I betrayed the angle of display. I did this for a number of reasons: 

1) F*ck metal! Why is it in the elemental cycle? Everybody knows that air is the logical conclusion. When you talk to people about the creative cycle they start to guess which element is going to come next, and everybody, EVERYBODY, says air last. 

2) If you look at the kanji (the Japanese character) for all the different elements, they all pretty look like the element. Except metal, which is chunky and complex. It’s definitely the one-of-these-things-that-does-not-belong. So, I figured its depiction should be strikingly different.

3) I was having such trouble finding a way to show metal that I thought a new perspective would help.

4) This design in the vertical has become part of the Lord of the Rings series.

So, I hope you’ve all come to your own conclusion about what exactly is being shown in the above garden. Feel free to enlighten me on your decisions. Upside down it kind of looks like notes on a musical staff. On its side it could be, like, a chorus of trumpets. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of question marks. As in what the hell are you on, Joe?

Answer: happy grass.


One Response to “Elementary Cycle Pt. 5: Bam! Poker In the Eye!”

  1. Andrew Downie said

    An exellent portrayal of “Inuit Choirboys in Sand” dude! The likeness is amazing. And you are right FUCK metal. Fuck its Kanji, and fuck it on the Elemental cycle. Also Fuck the lord of the rings and all its Pretentiousness. Keep on Smokin the “Electric lettuce” and keep the sand zen pictures comin.

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