Elemental Cycle Pt. 4: It’s Sedimentary, Watson!

January 24, 2009

When I finished the first draft of this piece I never thought I’d be able to reproduce it, but, happily, I think this piece far exceeds its former.

As you drive up through Ontario, where I’m from, the rocks you see hedging in the highways make this sudden shift from red clay to white stone and its really striking. You feel a bit like you’ve drifted thoughtlessly through a toll booth into some foreign land. Of course, Canada had the potential to be many foreign countries (and doubtless will be, someday), but as it stands, it’s just one long, sprawling swathe of geographic diversity. 

I sort of unconsciously chose the stones in this picture to reflect my experience of earth in that way (my family made annual trips to Killarney Park, where the red/white split is most pronounced).

This pic was my first attempt at a Hokusai homage, but I realized that what was to be a tidal wave had the potential to be a cresting mountain peak, and I shifted gears. 

Side Note: A lot of my early work feature this “Sun Emblem” kind of anomaly like you see in the upper left. I’ve tried to move away from this tendency. It strikes me most times as being kind of childish. Like a rudimentary crayon job of a happy house with happy people and a happy sun. Maybe some happy grass.

I could use some happy grass right about now.

Anyway, I thought the Sun Emblem worked in this piece so I left it in. It gives the picture a kind of height that I like. Also, it sort of reminds me of those red artist signature stamps you sometimes see in the corners of Asian art.

Expect to see a lot of more of this kind of design when I begin work on my Lord of the Rings stuff.


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