January 13, 2009


Who remembers Reboot, by show of hands?

Right now I only see two, and they both belong to Nullzilla. For the uninitiated, Nullzilla was a giant, anthropomorphic, swirling mass of nulls, which were the left over data from Mainframe sprites who’d been beaten by the user during a game. Make sense?

The truth is, I’ve been working on a lot of designs lately, and they almost all have a vertical layout, and for some reason wordpress keeps importing the images horizontally. So, this was the only design I had ready to go. Which is funny because I just came up with it, shot it, and imported it about ten minutes ago.

Agh! Technology!

I hate you almost as much as I hate a rampaging Nullzilla.


2 Responses to “Nullzilla!”

  1. Thom said

    I remember reboot. Good times good times. Haha ^^

  2. Andrew Downie said

    Ya dude i totally watched every single episode of that show. Although i’d say it looks more like a hydrogen bomb mushroom cloud. Is somebody Channeling their inner Oppenheimer? I think so

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