In Memory of Public Transportation

January 12, 2009

In Memory of Public Transportation

Maybe you’ll need to use your imagination a little, but this is my idea of a bus, in sand terms.

If you haven’t heard, right here in bright, beautiful, even-the-sun-is-trapped-in-a-block-of-ice, Ottawa, we’re having something of a do with our bus system.

Ironically if you were to google the OC Transpo strike one of the first hits that comes up is an article about how the strike may actually be saving the city of Ottawa three million a week. My first thought when I read that was, “Great. So all the businesses that lost thousands (or tens of thousands) in revenue this Christmas can just query city hall for their recompense. No harm, no foul.” 

If only. Despite the relatively cheery sand design above, current attitudes toward bus drivers is vulgar and foul. I don’t go a day at work without at least one customer slinging around colourful language at our city’s drivers. I’m all for quality of life, so I’m on the side of the drivers. I could go into details, but this’ll all just be some painfully recollected story in a few weeks. And after that, just a dream.

ps. I’ve also come to think of this design as a ninja octopus. Just sayin’.


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