What I Be Weavin’

January 9, 2009

Weave One

I’ve done a pantload of designs that I refer to simply as weaves. Weird little knots that probably don’t exist on even the most inventive wharfs. 

This one is a bit challenging, it requires that you make initial paths, and then go back and overlay some tracks. Just like Danny at the end of The Shining. Remember that?

I’ll post a swathe of weaves in some future post. For any knot enthusiasts among you. And I’d be delighted if any Annie-Proulxs-to-be out there could enlighten me if I have stumbled on an existing knot without realizing. That’d be cool.


One Response to “What I Be Weavin’”

  1. Andrew Downie said

    waitaminute i dont remember your little brother being in the movie the “shinning”. You should ask him about his personal experiences with Kubrick and Nicholson i bet he has amazing stories

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