Incense or Smokestack? You decide.

January 8, 2009

Incense or Smokestack?

This is my non-partisan garden design. See, if you’re a granola-crunching hippie, driving your life partner home in your electric bus to perform a home-birth, you can choose to see it as a wafting nag champa fume. Or, if you’re a mustachioed CEO cowling with a menacing grimace before a large bank of floor to ceiling windows, you can choose to see it as a CFC-ladened, horizon-muffling smokestack.

It’s kind of like that picture of the old hag or the beautiful damsel. It determines the kind of person you are, depending on which one appears to you.

Like, if you’re like me, after reading that last sentence, you’ll spend the next ten minutes trying to think of something totally unique and original to see in the design. Like…a baby with a pacifier, lying on its back. Or…two misshapen lemmings hobbling toward the cliff edge.

Seriously though, watching incense smoke billow is one of my favourite things in the world. It’s right up there with the sugar foam on the surface of recently frothed juice mix from concentrate. I love to watch it swirl. Always reminds me of galaxies. Or nebulae.


One Response to “Incense or Smokestack? You decide.”

  1. Thom said

    If I had to chose between smoke stack and incense I see incense. Though what I really see is someone pouring out the pop in a bottle of Ramune.

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