January 7, 2009


Any Jeff Bridges fans out there? Any fans of trippy 2001-A-Space-Odyssey-Did-It-So-Why-Can’t-We 80s movies? If so, feast your eyes on Tron! Which one’s gonna win? The white sand car, or the…white sand car? I can barely take the suspense!

So, how about copyright infringement, eh? In truth, I’m working on a Lord of the Rings as told through sand and stone series of designs, but that’ll be a while yet. And besides, if Lego can do it, why can’t sand?

But in case there’s any really bored lawyers reading this, with some spare time for suing minimum wage earning artists not making a profit off their art: the above image, Tron!, is a depiction of two kidneys having an intimate heart-to-heart. Or, organ-to-organ.


One Response to “Tron!”

  1. Mike Girard said

    Nice stuff Joe!! I like the tranquil feel of your page. Also nice lighting! I can’t wait to see more sand/stone movie tributes

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